Carbon black is a key raw material that enhances the performance of paints, powder coatings, rubber, and plastics.ICI Carbon produces carbon blacks engineered to meet the needs of these end-market applications. At present we are suppliers to more than 200 top customers in the paint, powder coatings industry.

We have exclusively mastered the JUG Principle, that is, Jetness, Undertone and Gloss in Carbon Black grades which helps you offer a Superior Quality Black finish to your end customers.

The Coat grades are most appreciated for paints and powder coatings manufacturing for the pigment's ability to deliver:

Color to a final product                                                         Pigmentation                                         Jetness
Undertone                                                                             Gloss                                                    Opacity
Stability                                                                                UV Protection                                         Ease of Dispersion
Uniformity of Granules across the powder coated substance.

Paint and Powder Manufacturers consider it to be the best solution to rely upon and be competitive as it comes out to be 20x times cheaper than imported grades like Evonik Degussa FW200. This is a breakthrough opportunity in cutting your manufacturing costs with a consistent value proposition and no performance difference at all. 
*All our grades are Lead Free and are available in powder form for ease of dispersion.

Markets & Applications



AUTO Coat for Automotive Paints & Coatings

For automotive paints and powder coatings. Provides pigmentation for a number of coatings applications including auto parts and external industrial coatings. Strong UV protection and Jetness combined in one grade.

JET Coat for High Jetness Paints & Industrial Coatings

For top quality industrial paints and powder coatings, JET Coat demonstrates highest Jetness and ease of dispersion. Top grade adopted by top Powder Coating and Paint manufacturers throughout India. Best Jetness and dispersion.

Coat G for Glossy Industrial Paints & Coatings

For all industrial paints and powder coatings. Excellent gloss, undertone and dispersibility for all types of paints, powder coatings and coloring applications. Best Gloss and Undertone.

Coat M for Matt or Chalk finish Coatings

For matt finish Paints, Powder Coatings, Industrial paints, and cement coloring.  Best ultra matt lively chalk finish.



N110 for High performance Tire Treads

For outstandingly high wear resistance and tensile strength: aero-tires, off-the-road tires, retreads, premium truck tire treads and retreads. Can be used as a component of high performance passenger car tire treads.

N220 for Passenger Car, Truck Tires & Conveyor Belts

For tread rubber of tires for passenger cars, trucks and manufacturing of conveyor belts. Provides increased wear resistance tires, high resistance to tensile, tolerable tear resistance.

N330 for Carcass Hoses, Tire Walls, Rubber products

For Carcass hoses & rubber products that require high tensile strength, good abrasion resistance. High-dispersing and amplifying carbon black grade.

N550 for Inner Tubes, Gaskets & Hoses

For Inner Tubes, Gaskets & Hoses that require high extrusion capacity, relatively high resistance to tearing. Medium-dispersing and medium-amplifying carbon black grade.

N660 for Moldings, Extrusion, Insulation & Cable Products

For Moldings, products manufactured by extrusion, single ply roofing systems, Insulation and cable products that require higher swelling extruded flow, high elasticity at relatively high rates of hardness. Can be added in large quantities.